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The President heads the _____ branch of the government
List 3 legal requirements for becoming Prersident
1. must be atleast 35
2. native-born citizen
3. resident of US for 14 years
In 1960 ______ _______ became the first Catholic President
John F Kennedy
(1980) Who was the 1st female vice-presidential canidate?
Geraldine Ferraro
In 2000, ______ _______ became the 1st Jewish vice-presidential canidate?
Joseph Lieberman
How often do Presidential elections take place?
4 years
How is the number of electoral votes determined in each state?
total number of its US Senators and representatives
How many electoral votes does Alabama have?
What does the Electoral College do?
system to vote for pres.
Which election limits the President 10 years in office?
Which President was elected for 4 terms?
Franklin Roosevelt
The President recieves a salary of ______ a year
The President lives and works in the _______ _______ in Washington, DC
White House
The President's retreat in Maryland is ______ ________
Camp David
The President's jet is called ___ ___ ___
Air Force One
To be President or Vice-President you must win __ out of 538 electoral votes
The ____ _____ precides over the US Senate but he/she can only vote if there is a tie
Vice President
What are the qualifications for vice-president?
1. must be atleast 35
2. a native-born citizen
3.resident of US for 14 years
List 4 ways a Vice-President can become President
dies, removed from office, seriously ill, or resigns
Who was the first Vice President and what did he say about his job?
John Adams said "I am Vice President. In this I am nothing, but I may become everything."