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Hace calor.
It is hot.
Hace mucho calor.
It is very hot.
Hace frío.
It is cold.
Hace mucho frío.
It is very cold.
Hace viento.
It is windy.
Hace mucho viento.
It is very windy.
Hace fresco.
It is cool.
Hace sol.
It is sunny.
Hace buen tiempo.
The weather is good.
Hace mal tiempo.
The weather is bad.
Hay neblina.
There is fog. (It is foggy.)
Hay relámpagos.
It is lightning.
Hay una brisa fresca.
There is a fresh breeze.
There is a cool breeze.
Hay una tormenta.
There is a storm.
It is raining. (It rains.)
It is snowing. (It snows.)
Está lloviendo.
It is raining.
Está nevando.
It is snowing.
Está nublado.
It is cloudy.
Está tronando.
It is thundering.
bucear en el mar
to scuba dive in the sea
comprar muchos recuerdos
to buy many souvenirs
dar una caminata
to take a walk (stroll)
descansar en el parque
to rest in the park
esquiar en las montañas
to ski in the mountains
explorar la selva
to explore the jungle
ir de camping
to go camping
Ir de vacaciones
to go on vacation
montar en bicicleta
to ride a bicycle
pasear en bote
to take a ride in a boat
sacar muchas fotos
to take a lot of photos
subir la pirámide
to climb the pyramid
tomar el sol
to sunbathe
visitar a los parientes
to visit relatives
visitar el museo
to visit the museum