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Local Area Network (LAN)
a network that covers a relatively small geographical area, such as a home, office building, or school.
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
A private, secure path across a public network (usually the internet) that is set up to allow authorized users private, secure access to the company network.
Asynchronous transmission
Data is sent when it is ready to be sent, without being synchronized.
Synchronous Transmission
Data is organized into groups or blocks of data, which are transferred at regular, specified intervals.
Isochronous Transmission
Data is sent at the same time as other related data to support certain types of real-time applications that require the different types of data to be delivered at the proper speed for that application.
Twisted-pair Cable
Made up of pairs of thin strands of insulated wire twisted together.
Coaxial Cable
Was originally developed to carry a large number of high-speed video transmissions at one time, such as to deliver cable TV service.
Fiber-optic Cable
The newest and fastest of these three types of wired transmission media.
The most widely used standard for wired networks.
A family of wireless networking standards that use the IEEE 802.11 standard.
A wireless standard that is designed for very short-range (10 meters, approximately 33 feet, or less).
Derived from the terms modulate and demodulate) is used to connect a computer to a network over telephone lines.