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Two or more people who identify and interact with one another
Social group
A small social group whose members share personal and enduring relationships
Primary group
A large and impersonal social group whose member pursue a specific goal or activity
Secondary group
Group leadership that emphasizes the completion of tasks
Instrumental leadership
Group leadership that focuses on collective well-being
Expressive leadership
The tendency of group members to conform, resulting in a narrow view of some issue
A social group that serves as a point of reference in making evalutations and decisions
Reference group
A social group commanding a member's esteem and loyalty
A social group toward which one feels competition or opposition
A social group with two members
A social group with three members
A web of weak social ties
A large secondary group organized to achieve its goals efficiently
Formal organization
An organizational model rationally designed to perform tasks efficiently
Factors outside an organization that affect its operation
Organizatinal environment
A preoccupation with rules and regulations to the point of thwarting an organization's goals
Bureaucratic ritualism
The tendency of bureaucratic organizations to perpetuate themselves
Bureaucratic ritualism
The rule of the many by the few
Frederick Taylor's term for the application of scientific principles to the operation of a business or other large organization
Scientific management