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the people who are qualified to vote in an election
a person, often outside of government, actively and energetically engaged in political activities
political socialization
the process by which people develop their political identity and their attitudes toward government, leaders, and issues
a person who has certain rights and responsibilities as a member of a nation and who, by birth or naturalization, may vote
the right or privilege of voting
poll tax
a fee, now unconstitutional, required of voters in many southern states; designed to discourage African American voters
grandfather clause
a now unconstitutional law that permitted persons to vote without meeting other requirements if they are or one of their ancestors had been entitled to vote in 1866
literacy test
an examination of reading and writing skills, now unconstitutional, that citizens had to pass before they were allowed to vote
political efficacy
influence in political activities; the sense that one can make a difference through political participation
absentee ballot
a ballot marked and mailed in advance that allows a person to vote without being at the place where he or she is registered on election day
party identification
an individual sense of loyalty to a political party