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Dejected (Adjective)
Depressed; Downcast

The teacher was dejected after he found out about his mother's illness
Eject (Verb)
To force to leave; To expel

The guy who threw the baseball into the air was ejected from the game.
Deduction (Noun)
Something subtracted from a total

Eighty dollars was deducted from my paycheck for tax purposes.
Abduction (Noun)

My dog was kidnapped last summer by a stranger.
Status quo (Noun)
The existing condition;Present state of things.

The president is being challenged to change the economy's status quo.
Cnducive (Adjective)
Contributing to:Leading to

A person with lots of wealth and love is conducive to happiness.
Tenacious (Adjective)
Firmly holding; Gripping;Retaining.

The thief kept a tenacious grasp at the officers shirt when he was arrested
Staunch (Adjective)
Faithful;Firmly supporting.

My staunch mother was by my side when i was sick for weeks.
Jettison (Verb)
To throw out forcefully; To throw overboard.

The plan to marry same sex was jettisoned by the Senate.
Tenable (Adjective)
Logical; Capable of being defended.

I wasn't in a tenable position when my sister struck me on my head.
Abstain (Verb)
Not to do something by choice.

I go to school to abstain from poverty.
Level of achievement and honor.

Dan has great stature in history.