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What is realism?
a philosophical position arguing that there is a real world to sense
What is Euclidean?
geometry of the world
What is binocular summation?
advantage of detecting a stimulus that is afforded by having 2 eyes rather than just one
What is binocular disparity?
differences between 2 retinal images of the same scene
What is stereopsis?
the ability to use binocular disparity as a depth cue
What is diplopia?
double vision
What is the horopter?
location of objects whose images lie on corresponding points
What is panum's fusion area?
region of space in front of and behind the horopter
What is a stereoscope?
a device for presenting one image to one eye and another image to the other eye, creating a single 3-d image
What is free fusion?
technique of conveying or diverging the eyes in order to view a stereogram without a stereoscope
What is stereoblindness?
inability to make use of binocular disparity as a depth cue
What is a correspondence problem?
problem of figuring out which bit of the image in the left eye should be matched with which bit in the right eye
What is absolute disparity?
a difference in the actual retinal coordinates in the left and right eyes of the image of a feature in the visual scene
What is relative disparity?
the difference in absolute disparities of 2 elements in the visual scene.
What is binocular rivalry?
competition between the 2 eyes for control of visual perception