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Name the five processes involved in the water cycle.
What does balancing in the water cycle mean?
It means the average annual precipitation over Earth equals the amount of water that evaporates.
The ability of a stream to erode and transort materials depends largely on what?
What is one change from upstream to downstream?
While the gradient decreases between a stream's headquarters and mouth, discharge increases.
Name three factors that increase downstream.
-Channel Size
Name two factors that decrease downstream.
-Gradient, or Slope
-Channel Roughness
What is a feature of Karst Topography?
What shape are most younger streams? What are some characteristics?
Narrow v-shape valleys include rapids and waterfalls. Stream is just starting to cut through.
What do wide valleys signify?
A stream near base level.
Name three features of a wide valley.
-Oxbow Lakes
Name some methods used to control floods.
-Artificial levees
-Flood control dams
-Placing limits on floodplain developement
How are hotsprings heated?
They are heated by the cooling of igneous rocks.
Define artesian well.
A well in which groundwater rises on its own pressure.
What are some environmental problems associated with groundwater?
What is a cavern?
A cavern is a naturallt formed underground chamber formed in the zone of aeration.
-Stalactites: hanging from the ceiling
-Stalagmites: growing upward from the floor