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political parties
like interest groups
party selects a single candidate to run for each elective office
those already in office
minority party
party that holds the minority of seats in the house
majority party
party that holds the majority seats in the house
two-party system
2 major parties that dominate national politics
electorial realignment
the dominant party replaced by a new party
divided gov'ts
presidency controlled by one party while the other party controls house of congress
single- member district
single member represent legislative district
third parties
represent social and economic interests
multiple member district
several members represent each legislative district
proportional representatives
to win, a candidate only needs 15-20% of the votes casted
plurality system
candidates needs many votes to win
party identification
political party belong to
right to vote
voter participation
primary elections
select each parties candidates
open primary
regular voters decide of the primary in which parties primary they will participate
closed primary
ONLY REGISTERED VOTERS of political party can vote in primary election
electorial college
group of electors who select president and vice president of the US
issue advocacy
money given by private groups to fund a campaign
political action committee (PAC)
organizations est. by corp/unions/etc. to channel contributions of members into political campaigns