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What is a-, an-?
without, from
apnea (without breath)
asepsis (without infection)
What is ab-?
away from
abnormal (away from the normal)
What is ad-?
toward, to, near
adhesion (something stuck to)
What is aden-?
pertaining to gland
adenitis (inflammation of gland)
What is ana-?
up, toward, apart
anastomosis (Joining of two parts)
What is ante-?
before, in front of, forward
antenatal (occurring or formed before birth)
What is anti-?
against, opposing
antiseptic (against or preventing sepsis)
What is bi-?
two, double, twice
bilateral (both sides)
What is contra-?
opposed, against
contraindication (indication opposing usually indicated treatment)
What is circum-?
around, about
circumoral (around the mouth)
What is derma-?
dermatitis (inflammation of the skin)
What is dia-?
though, completely
diagnosis (knowing completely)
What is dys-
difficult, bad, painful
dyspnea (difficulty breathing)
What is ecto-?
outer, outside
ectopic (out of place)
What is edem-?
edema (swelling)
What is ep-, epi?
upon, on, over
epidermis (on the skin)
What is erythro-?
erythrocyte (red blood cell)
What is hemi-?
hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body)
What is hyper-?
excessive, above
hyperplasia (excessive formation)
What is hypo-?
under, deficient
hypotension (low blood pressure)
What is infra-?
below, beneath
infrascapular (below the scapular bone)
What is inter-?
intercostal (between the ribs)
What is intra-?
intralober (within the lobe)
What is macro-?
macroblast (abnormally large cell)
What is micro-?
microdrip (small drop)
What is my-?
pertaining to the muscle
myoma (muscle tumor)
What is para-?
beside, beyond, after
parathyroids (along side of thyroid)
What is per-?
through, excessive
perforation (a breaking through)
What is peri-?
periosteum (covering of bone)
What is retro-?
backward, behind
retroflexion (bending backward)
What is semi-?
half -
semilunar (half moon)
What is sub-?
under, beheath
subdiaphragmatic (underthe diaphragm)
What is supra-?
above, superior, excess
supraventricular (above the ventricles)