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When did the greatest number of immigrants come to the U.S.?
between 1890 and 1914
Most immigrants arrived by _________ on the Atlantic or Pacific Coasts.
At _________________ the immigrants were examined by doctors to make sure they were healthy enought to work and interviewed by officials.
Ellis Island
Immigrants came to the USA to get a life and have their _______________.
What types of jobs did immigrants pursue to support themselves?
all sorts of jobs, including selling goods from pushcarts and making clothing
A poorly built apartment building is called a ___________________.
What was the pay like in the clothing factories?
very low
How many hours a day did people work in the "needle trades"?
12 to 14 hours a day
What were sweatshops like?
dark, airless, humid, steamy, gluey, sweaty
How did the conditions in the garment factories eventually improve?
New Laws improved the working conditions.
How is the job market better for today's immigrants?
There is a wider variety of job opportunities.
What was made in the sweatshops?