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A self-replicating piece of extra-chromosomal DNA defines a
In repressible operons
the substrate and the repressor molecule combine and prevent transcription or productions of the product thus causing the operon to normally be ON
Match the following: site where RNA synthesis begins on DNA
The process where the information on mRNA is used to synthesize protein is
Match the following: a gene which is continually expressed
An enzyme that is only produced when its substrate is present is an
inducible enzyme
The Ames test is designed to
detect chemicals with carcinogenic potential
Match the following: genetic material that may move from plasmid to chromosome.
Which is incorrect about inducible operons?
They have genes turned off by a buildup of end product.
Mutations can occur
all of the above
Transduction occurs when
The phage genome is incorporated into the host genome
Viruses that transform cells and cause cancerous growth are called
oncogenic viruses.
The development of virulent, toxin-producing bacterial strains due to the presence of a temperate phage can occur in
specialized transduction.
What would be the mRNA complementary sequence for the following DNA sequence? AATTAGGCC
In a DNA molecule, opposite strands are
complements of one another and are antiparallel
If nucleotides are added/inserted into an organism's DNA sequence,
a frame shite mutation has occurred.
Eukaryotic chromosomes differ from prokaryotic chromosomes because only eukaryotes have
All of the choices are correct.
The anti-codon is found on the
Resistance genes located on transposons
all of these
Match the following: genetic material that may act as a promoter
insertion sequences.
all of the above
The operon segment composed of the gene that codes for a protein repressor is called the
all of the above
Match the following: Transfer of genetic material via a sex pilus
Match the following: Transfer of genetic material via a virus.
Match the following: requires binding site called pallindromes.
Insertion sequences
The cell component that processes the information on mRNA is the
All of the following are products of transcription except
In DNA replication, the enzyme that is used to unwind the helix is
Which of the following is incorrect about transfer RNA?
The initiator tRNA in bacteria carries tryptophan.
A sequence of bases on a gene that does not code for protein is called an
Transfer of DNA by competent cells
Match the following: Enzyme that copies during DNA replication
DNA Polymerase III
Which of the following is not true of transposons?
are self-replicating
Match the following:DNA strand configuration
Which is incorrect about pyrimidines?
are only found in DNA, not in RNA
Which is incorrect about purines?
only found in DNA, not in RNA
Genetic engineering
all of the above
Much of what was previously thought to be "junk" DNA has been found to have which purpose?
It codes for RNA regulatory molecules.
In bacteria, RNA synthesis is initiated at specific sites called
A phage often establishes a state of _________ in which a portion of the viral nucleic acid is incorporated into the bacterial chromosome or a bacterial plasmid.
Semi-conservative replication refers to
an original parent DNA strand and one newly synthesized DNA strand comprising a new DNA molecule.
The site where the old DNA strands separate and new DNA strands will be synthesized is called the
replication fork.
All of the following are true about mutation except
they are always detrimental to the organism they occur in.
Damaged DNA can be repaired by
all of these
A term meaning genetic change is
Match the following: RNA that contains information for more than one protein.
The ability of living bacterial cells to incorporate DNA fragments from outside the cell into their own genome is
The process where DNA molecules are copied to RNA is
Which enzyme is mismatched with its function in DNA replication.
RNA polymerase- synthesizes RNA primers.
A set of genes under the control of the same regulatory elements defines an
Match the following: Self-replicating extra-chromosomal DNA
DNA polymerase III
synthesizes new DNA only in the 5` to 3` direction.
Which of the following is not true of bacterial DNA replication?
occurs within the membrane-bound nucleus.
The enzyme that copies DNA is called
DNA polymerase 3
The anti-parallel arrangement within DNA molecules refers to
one helix strand that runs from the 5` to 3` direction and the other strand runs from the 3` to 5` direction.
The enzymes that can proofread replicating DNA, detect incorrect bases, excise them, and correctly replace them are
DNA polymerases.
A mutation that changes a normal codon to a stop codon is called a
Nonsense mutation
RNA molecules differ from DNA molecules because only RNA
All of the choices are correct.
Which enzyme that fills in the spaces between the Okazaki fragments with the correct nucleotides?
DNA ligases
DNA polymerase reads DNA
in a 3` to 5` direction only.
The nucleotides of RNA are
A, U, G, C
Individuals with xeroderma pigmentosa lack a functioning
The enzymes that help pack DNA into the cell by coiling the DNA into a tight bundle are
DNA gyrases.
Groups of three consecutive bases along the DNA of a gene have the code for one
amino acid.
The following pertain to ribosomes during protein synthesis except they
contain codons within their rRNA molecules.
If a codon for alanine is GCA, then the anti-codon is
A type of control mechanism where the product produced in the pathway inhibits its own production at the enzyme level is called
negative feedback inhibition.
The transfer of DNA by direct contact between cells is
The DNA of microorganisms is made up of subunits called
The process where genetic information is carried to a new cell via a bacteriophage is
If the sequence of ATCGCACCT is copied from DNA to DNA what would the sequence be?
Match the following: enzyme that joins DNA fragments during replication
Pallindromes are
repreated inverted DNA sequences within a chromosome or plasmid.
If a strand of mRNA is being copied by more than one ribsome at a time it forms a
The duplication of a cell's DNA is called
Match the following: insertion or deletion of DNA base
frame shift mutation
Synthesis of an inducible enzyme requires
substrate bound to repressor.
Match the following: Discontinuous replication
Okasaki fragments
All of the following pertain to transcription except it
occurs on a ribosome in the cytoplasm.
Transcription begins at a site called
Match the following: Jumping genes