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Consistency of measure
Extent to which various selection methods successfully predict some important criterion
Empirical or criterion-related validity
involves the statistical relationship between performance or scores on some predictor or selection method
Content validity:
asses to the degree to which the content of a selection methods represents (or assesses) the requirements of the job
concerns the economic gains derived from using a particular selection method
Validity generalization:
invokes evidence from past studies on a selection method that is then applied to a new and similar jobs and settings
Weighted application blank (WAB):
an application blank that can be score- similar to a paper and pencil test
Biographical information blanks (BIB):
similar to WAB except the items of a BIB tend to be more personal
Accomplishment record:
job candidates are asked to write examples of their actual accomplishments, illustrating how they had mastered job-related problems or challenges
negligent hiring:
olds an organization responsible for the behaviour of employees when there is little or no attempt to asses critical characteristics for those who are hired or retained
Achievement tests:
attempt to measure the effects of knowledge obtained in a standardized environment
Knowledge based tests:
assess a sample of what is required on the job
Cognitive ability tests:
measure one’s aptitude or mental capacity to acquire knowledge based on the accumulation of learning from all possible sources
procedure of evaluating scores within a specific range to all be the same sore ( ex an A is 90-100%)
Emotional intelligence:
set of abilities that enable individuals to recognize and understand their own emotions and those of others to guide their thinking and behaviour to help them cope with the environment
Core Self-evaluations:
broad and general personality traits composed of four heavily researched traits
projective tests:
purpose and scoring procedure of test are disguised from the test taker ex graphology, Rorschach inkblot test, Miner Sentence completion scales
self report inventories:
measure personal or motivation with the respondent knowing the purpose and/or scoring procedure