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Who became interested in the privileges of being White?
WEB DuBois
What aspect of discrimination is the focus of feminist scholar Peggy McIntosh's research?
As a white, she rarely had to step out of her comfort zone.
The one drop rule is a vivid example of
social construction of race
The process by which people come to define a group as a race based, in part, on physical characteristics, but also on historical, cultural, and economic factors, is called:
an ethnic group
In the 2000 Census, the number of people who claimed multiracial ancestry in 2+ races was ____ ____ (its a number)
9 million
The largest group of multiracial residents is of ___ and ____ ancestry
White; American Indian
In the 2000 Census, among the people who claimed multiracial ancestry in 2+ races, the largest group was ___
white; American Indian
Census Bureau estimates that _____ percent of the US population could claim multiple ancestry in 2000
Social construction occurs in ____ societies
Who observed that people respond not only to the objective features of a situation or person but also to the meaning that situation or person has for them?
William I. Thomas
One of the most crucial aspects of the relationship between dominant and subordinate groups is the ability of the dominant or majority group to:
define a society's value
W. I. Thomas observed that people respond not only to the objective features of a situation or person but also to the meaning that situation or person has for them. This observation reflects the _____ socio perspective
false image; stereotype
A ____ is an unreliable generalization about all members of a group.
A person loudly proclaiming that "all black people are lazy, shiftless, and collect welfare" is an example of:
____ is used by sociologists to describe a group that is set apart from others because of obvious physical differences.
Racial group
Asian Americans/ African Americans are examples of:
Racial group
An ___ group is a group that is set apart from others because of its national origin or distinctive cultural patterns.
Characteristics of national origin or distinctive cultural patterns are used by society to set apart
People of the USA
Italian Americans, Jewish Americans, Norwegian Americans are examples of:
Ethnic group
What group is currently the largest racial minority in the US?
The distinction between ethnic and racial minorities is not always _____
clean cut
Ethnic minorities like Latinos may have obvious ___ differences that set them apart from other residents of the US
Despite categorization problems, sociologists continue to feel that the distinction between race & ethnicity is ____ significant.
A trip to an ethnic bakery is an example of ___ ethnicity
During WW2 the US ____ lift or loosen restrictive immigration quotas in order to allow Jewish refugees to escape the terror of the Nazi regime.
The S.S. St. Louis, with 900+ Jewish refugees on board, was ____ permission to dock in the US in 1939 because of restrictive immigration quotas.
Change in US immigration policy. Outlawed hiring illegal aliens & whoever was caught violating the law would be fined or imprisoned
1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act
_____ is the # of illegal immigrants present within the US at any give time
11 million
The ___ socio. perspective would suggest that immigration relieves labor shortages in the receiving nation & it relieves economies unable to support large #s of people in the sending nations.
The ___ socio perspective sees the economic structure as a central factor in the exploitation of minority groups
Who id-ed 3 functions that racially prejudiced beliefs serve the dominant group?
Manning Nash
What perspective would suggest that racist beliefs discourage the minority from attempting to question its lowly status, and thus question the foundations of society?
Who (2 ppl) used the exploitation theory to explain the basis of racial subordination in the US?
Oliver Cox & Robert Blauner
Exploitation theory is a __ __ theory that views racial subordination in the US as a manifestation of the class system inherent in capitalism.
racial subordination
Oliver Cox, Robert Blauner, & Herbert M Hunter used ___ theory to explain the basis of racial subordination in the US.
__ theory is Marxist theory that views racial subordination in the Us as a manifestation of the class system inherent in capitalism
__ theory provides a theoretical basis for the position that racism keeps minorities in low paying jobs and provides the ruling class with a cheap pool of desperate labor.
A sociologist argues that capitalist ruling class is willing to tolerate high rates of illegal immigration because these immigrants serve as a pool of cheap labor. This person is most likely to draw upon __ theory.
Japanese Americans were the object of little prejudice until they began to enter jobs that brought them into competition with Whites. This supports the __ theory
__ theory is useful for discussing the experiences of both Jap Americans and Chinese Americans in the US
Law officers, customs officials, and airport security personnel who develop a practice of mainly stopping and checking people whom they assume are likely to be engaged in illegal activities is considered __ profiling
The practice of assuming that people who fit a certain description are likely to be engaged in illegal activities is called ___ ___
racial profiling
Acts of racial profiling are always initiated by:
race or person's behavior
The __ hypothesis is a Parsonian theory that views ethnic subordination as contact between people of equal status who are engaged in a cooperative task that will make them abandon previous stereotypes.
The contact hypothesis occurs only if interracial people who work together have
equal status
A farmer is called to help sandbag a levy. The farmer is stationed between 2 correctional center inmates who are required to assist in the flood efforts. As a result, the farmer has a newfound respect for inmates. This is an example of:
Contact Perspective
A white male lawyer mentors a young Latino female lawyer. According to the contact hypothesis, this would be unlikely to reduce prejudice because:
engaged in cooperative task
A Colombian woman & Italian man, working together, overcome their intial prejudices and come to appreciate each other's talents and strengths. This is an example of:
contact hypothesis
Who suggested that interracial coalitions would reduce racial and ethnic stereotyping and prejudice?
William Julius Wilson
___ refers to a negative attitude toward an entire category of people
Mary believes that all men are pigs. This is an example of:
During the summer before you rfreshman year of college, you get a letter from the school saying you're new roommate is from Arkansas. You say "I can't believe I'm stuck with a hillbilly!" This is:
__ refers to one's culture/ ways of life are the norm/ superior to all others
Joe, who grew up in an Italian household in an Italian community in NJ, thinks that the Italian way of life is better than any other way. This is:
__ is the belief that one's race is supreme to all others
The process of denying opportunities & equal rights to people and groups because of prejudice or for other arbitrary reasons is:
Sue thinks that poor people are criminals. This is:
color blind racism
Sue refuses to give Jane a ride to work because Jane is poor. This is:
covert racism
Jane, who is poor, vandalizes the cars of rich people who she believes are snobs. This is:
prejudiced attitude
Sue refuses to hire Jane because she is poor. This is:
___ is a bad attitude towards an entire group of people; __ is a denial of equal rights to individuals.
prejudice; discrimination
__ discrimination is the denial of opportunities and equal rights to people or groups that results from normal operations of society.
Rules requiring that only English be spoken at a place of work, even though it is not business necessity is an example of __ discrimination
To save $ a city fires employees hired during the last 3 years. During the last 3 years, the city had had an aggressive minority hiring program and the majority of those fired are minorities. This is ___ ___ discrimination
affirmative action
A law school's policy of giving preference admissions to children of influential alumni is an example of ___ discrimination
Cell phone registration is an example of a new form of ___ discrimination
Passage of recent Aviation and Transportation Security Act, which mandates that all airport screeners must be US citizens, has been noted by many observers to be a form of ___ discrimination
The landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination in public accommodations and publicly owned facilities on the basis of:
race/color creed national origin/gender
___ refers to positive efforts to recruit minority members or women for jobs, promotions, and educational opportunities
affirmative action
Research suggesting that White ex-convicts are more employable than Blacks without criminal records was done by:
Devan Pager
Both ___/___ discrimination contributes to income differences across racial and ethnic groups
employment; educational