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Love is essential for what?
For human survival
A form of self-love is essential for what?
What are the 8 qualities of friendship?
enjoyment mutual support
acceptance confiding
trust understanding
respect honesty
What does love include?
8 qualities of friendship
three qualities of sexual desire
priority over other relationships
caring to the point of self-sacrafice
What is love
Love is multifacated and has many dimensions
What is love based on
What is love often?
demanding and bay be neither exciting or thrilling
How are rules of attraction governed?
From and early age by socialization
What may not lead to romantic love?
sexual desire and arousal
What does caring mean?
It means wanting to help the other by providing aid and emotional support
What is Intimacy?
Generall refers to feelings of closeness and may include different types such as physical affective and verbal closeness
What is self-disclosure
Open communication where a person reveals honest thoughts and feelings to another
What is committment
A person's intention to remain in a relationship
Biological Perspectives theory of love
Love is grounded in evolution, biology and chemistry. Foscus is on physiological response
Attachment theory
Our primary motivation is to be connected to other people