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Xanthines are classified in which category?
Mild stimulants. Caffeine is included in this category
Explain two reasons why different individuals who take the same drug may have very different experiences.
# The set (the mind-set or expectations of the user) may be different
# The setting (environment) may be different
List three ways that dependence is measured
# How well the drug hooks a user,
# How difficult it is for a user to stop taking the drug, and
# Which drug is the most difficult to stop taking
Jan had a mild depressant and had a few drinks of alcohol. The combination provided a powerful "downer" type effect. What type of drug interaction was this?
Synergistic, because the combination provided an effect stronger than just a double dose of either the depressant or the alcohol.
What component of tobacco smoke is responsible for maintaining the addictive process?
Why would tobacco companies sell filtered low-tar cigarettes rather than full-flavored brands?
They are cheaper to make and customers smoke more of them
Where does lung cancer rank as a cancer killer of men and women?
It's the number one cancer killer of both men and women.
Define the term sidestream smoke.
When a smoker is not puffing on a cigarette, it smolders at a much lower burning temperature and creates sidestream smoke. Sidestream smoke contains extremely potent carcinogens.
What should the motto be for current smokers?
If at first you don't succeed, quit, quit again.
What pre-cancerous condition is created in the mouth from smokeless tobacco use?
Is the amount of money the tobacco industry spends on politicians increasing or decreasing?
John and Bill both drank a glass of beer in the same amount of time, but John has a higher BAC.
Provide two explanations for why this could be.
John would have a higher BAC if he weighed less than Bill, if he had eaten nothing while Bill had eaten, or if Bill were a more experienced drinker.
List three sexuality problems that are partially caused by alcohol use.
Alcohol use is responsible for a majority of date rapes, sexually transmitted disease acquisitions, and unplanned pregnancies.
List three organs that are often negatively affected by alcohol consumption.
The three major organs are the liver, pancreas and the heart, but oral, throat, esophageal and stomach cancers are also alcohol-related. In addition, alcohol consumption by pregnant mothers can cause birth defects in the fetuses.
Tom is addicted to alcohol but rationalizes otherwise. What term is used to describe Tom's failure to see or admit his problem?
Alcoholism--Tom is an alcoholic.