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What is a political party?
Voluntary organiz. of people sharing ideas, work together to win elections & control govt
What is a two-party system?
two major political parties compete for power
(other parties don't exist)
ex. U.S
What are some advantages of the two party system?
1.) gives voters a choice
2.) if one party fails to please the people there is always another party.
What are two major parties in the U.S today?
Democrats and Republicans
How are the Democrats and Republicans similar?
they have the same goals
How are the democrats and republicans different?
by the way they achieve their goals
What is a party platform?
written statements outlining goals of the party, and they are designed to appeal to many people+

(adopted every four yrs at party's national convention)
what is a disadvantage of the party platform?
views of minority groups or minor parties get little attention because major parties adopt their ideas or views
What is a multi party system?
3 or more parties competing for control of gov't.
ex. France, Italy Israel, and Japan.
what is an advantage of the multi party system?
provides voters with a wider choice of political ideas
what is a disadvantage of a multiparty system?
one party doesn't control gov't.

one party may win a plurality, but it doesn't have a majority, and to control gov't parties have to form a coalition.
Define majority
more than half
Define coalition
joining of political parties
what is a one party system?
only one political party is allowed.
ex. China
what is a disadvantage of a one party system?
doesn't control gov't.

may win a plurality, doesn't have a majority

to control gov't parties have to form coalition
Define majority
more than half
Define coalition
joining of political parties
what is a one party system?
only one political party is allowed.
ex. China
what are some disadvantages of the one party system?
-usually found in dictatorships
-no choice for voters
-only one party members can run for office
-no competition
what did george washington do?
urged against formation of political parties.
he thought the would:
divide nation, and lead tocorruption and inefficiency in gov't
what were the two earliest groups?
fedrealists: strong national gov't

anti-federalists: favored strong state govt's.
when did both groups divide into the first politcal parties of the U.S ?
after 1796
who were federalists led by?
Alex Hamilton
when will Federalists party disappear?
after adams loses to jefferson in 1800.
Democratic Party
-formed by andrew jackson
-felt gov't should work for common people
-represented small farmers & workers
what was andrew jackson elected for?
first democratic president.
What was the whigs party?
-like the federalists
-supported bankers merchants -manufacturers(big business)
what party favored slavery ?
democratic party
Define plurality
wins more votes or seats in legislature than any other party.
Who formed to oppose slavery?
Whigs and Anti-Slavery Democrats which is; The Republican Party.
In 1860 what happen?
Andrew Jackson became the first DemocraticPresident.
What are third parties(minor parties)?
small party rising to challenge major party
Third parties influence gov't how?
by ideas that become popular with the people.
Why don't third parties normally win elections?
-not enough support
-major parties steal their ideas.
What is an Idea Party?
forms around ideas,issues.
Examples of an idea party?
-republican slavery-only minor to become major.
-prohibition-abolition-18th amend.
-U.S. senators-17th amend. 8hr work day.
What is a Personality Party?
forms around particular person.
Examples of a Personality Party?
-Theodore Roosevelt- "Bull Moose"- Progressive Party
-George Wallace- Amer. Indep. Party
Party Organization Membership?
Think of yourself as a member, register in party's name, don't have to vote for party cand. unless it is a closed primary.
What do democrats represent?
working people, catholics, minorities, union members,and gov't involvement in social programs.
What do republicans represent?
business people, protestants, people agains gov't involvement, stimulate economy to create jobs, and favors more power to state.
What is a closed primary?
election in which only party mem. may vote.
Who are the people who don't belong to a party?
Independents(can't vote in closed primary)
Major goal of political parties?
get cand.( person running for office) elected to office.
What must party mem. do?
-nominate cand. (select)
-organize gov't
How are the dem. and repub. parties organiz.?
the same way.
what are the 3 levels of party organiz.?
what does each level of party organiz. do?
-work independently to achieve party goals.
-no one person or level controls party.
Define Local Organiz.
- within a precinct vote same place.
-elects preci. capt.
-registers voters in party
- distr. info about party
b p w e r d
How do they political parties raise money?
public funding(only on federal level for pres. election)
why don't parties on the local level don't have a big influence on voters?
most elections are non partisian(non party)
state organizaztion
what is the goal of state organiz?
to elect party members to state offices.
ex(govenor, LT govenor)
What is national organiz?
made up of nation. committee
members from each states party
What is a chairperson?
heads the committee
Goal of the chairperson?
get party members elected to pres. and vice pres.
2 purposes of the national convention?
-nominate pres and vice pres candidates.
-draw up party platform
what are the functions of political parties?
-nominate candidates
-organize gov't
-Inform public of important issues.
-act as watchdogs
-serve and link between 3 levels of gov't and 3 branches of gov't
what are some reasons we have declining party membership today?
weak party loyalty, people move more often, fewer people voting, voters get to know cand. thru media then personally.