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What is a proprietary colony?
A colony that is owned and ruled by one person who was chosen by the king or queen.
What term describes carrying canoes and supplies around waterfalls, and rapids or overland between rivers?
What is a royal colony?
A colony ruled by the king or queen.
A _____________ is a branch of a river or stream.
Why kept many people from leaving France in the 1600s?
Civil wars
When King Louis XIV wanted to try to rebuild the French empire in North America, what did he do?
He declared New France a royal colony.
Who was the governor-general chosen by King Louis XIV?
Count de Frontenac
What type of boats did the French learn to build from the Indians?
Birchbark canoes
Who claimed Louisiana for France?
La Salle
The French hoped the Mississippi would lead them to __________.
Why did the French have a difficult time exploring the rivers of North America?
Their ships couldn't travel very far inland with out coming to water that was too dangerous or shallow for sailing.
What did the word "Mississippi" mean to the Indians?
Big River
How did the French know that the Mississippi would not lead them to Asia?
It flowed south.
Who was Louisiana named for?
King Louis XIV