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Why did people of Appalachia make most of the things they needed?
because they faced starvation
What is a marsh?
Low wet land where cattails, tall grasses and other similar plants grow.
What mountains make up the Appalachian mountains?
Blue Ridge mountains, the eastermount range of the Appalachian and the west are the Allegheny mountains
What was used to run machines along the fall line?
waterpower, energy produced by rushing water.
what is a fall line?
A place where rivers drop from higher to lower land.
How did settlers cross the Appalachian mountains?
The discovered a natural pass which is an opening between high mountains.
What is a pioneer?
A person who first settles in a new place.
Where did the Europeans first settle in the Atlantic coast and Appalachian region?
Roanoke Island off the coast of North Carolina.
Why was Roanoke called the lost colony?
All the Roanoke settlers had vanished.
How did the Tennesse Valley Authority help the Atlantic Coast grow?
The Tennesse Valley Authority built power plants near the dams to produce electricity. This brought new businesses to the region.
Which two states in the south have coal as a major industry?
Virginia and Kentucky
In which ways has the government helped some cities in the Atlantic Coast and Appalachian states grow?
Cities grew because they are state capitals. They provide jobs.
What metal is used to make things that need to be strong?
What is an opening between high mountains?
What is an area of land set aside to protect animals and other living things?
wildlife refuge
What does it mean to return something, such as land, to its natural condition?
Where is a place that people go to relax and have fun?
What is a place called where rivers drop from higher to lower land?
fall line
Who is the person who settles in a new place?
What is a lake that stores water held back by a dam called?
How are the Alantic Coast and Appalachian region alike?
1. Use large rivers for travel
2. Manufacture products from natural resources.
3. Use coal mining
4. Jobs in new high-technology
How are the Alantic Coast and Appalachian region different?
1. The Appalachian region has a pass
2. The Appalachian mountains made travel and trade difficult
3. The Atlantic coast cities are where the piedmont meets the coastal plains.
4. Coastal cities earn a living by fishing.