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Both the French and the British Colonies had one common goal what was that?
Want more land,and space
they wanted more of something.This goal also caused many conflicts by King Phillps War, King Willams War, Queen Anne's War, Ohio Valley.
What were France main goals?
There main goals were to get more fur.They also began to build 3 forts along the rivers of the Great Lakes.
Get more of some type of soft many forts did they build and were did they bulid them along a type of water.
What were the major goals of the Great Britains?
They wanted to join the fur trade and they wanted more land. Also they sent George Washington over to tell the French to leave their land.The French said NO!That lead to war.
What did they want to join. what did they want more of. who did they send over there to tell them to get off there land.What did they say.what did it leed to.
What was the purpose of the French and Indian War?
To fight for control over land and trade routes.
fight over control of wide open area and other ways for them to trade.
what advantages did the French have?
Indian Friends,Well trained soldiers,strong government,Extensive Alliances
friends of what kind,well trained people such as,strong poulation such as,extinsive alliances