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What is a Narragansett ruler called?
A sachem
What did Europeans trade the possessions they brought from Europe for?
Trade with the Native Americans for animal furs.
What is the American Revolution?
War between colonies and England.
What was the first capital of the United States?
New York City
What are some reasons immigrants came to the U.S.?
jobs, own land, escape war
What is an abolitionist?
people who believe slavery should be against the law.
Why did women want the right to vote?
Have same rights as men!
What is the strongest Native American group called?
Iroquois Confederacy
What is commerce?
Buying or selling goods
What does import mean?
Bring goods in to a country.
What does export mean?
Ship goods out.
What is the 13th Amendment?
Slavery is illegal
What is the 19th Amendment?
Womens right to vote
What is an area of land set aside for Native Americans called?
A settlement of people who come from one county to another to live is known as a _____________.