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describing the artistic style of ancient Greece Rome characterized by balance elegance and simplicity.
buliding for gods
the buildings for gods are called Parthenon
places of worship
the artistic showing of distances btw. objects as they appear to the eye.
greek arts
they liked to portray the human form by showing on pottery, paintings and sculpture.
painting on vases
greeks designed pottery for different functions. they painted scenes from everyday life on their pottery. it was usually painted a red on black background or black on red.
a large vase for storing oil and other bulk supplies.
sculpting the human body
the greeks liked for paint and sclupt the athlectic human body and would study it until they had it perfect.
one of the greatest sculptors of Greece's golden age portrayed in his status idealized views of what people should look like rather then actual persons.
was a great scluptor and was in charge of the parthenon's sculptures.
another famous Greek sculptor who reflected the changes that had accrued in Greek life
drama and theater
Greeks were the 1st to write and preform plays
was the 1st of great writers of tragedies in the 400s B.C.
the lead character stuggles against fait only to be doomed after much suffering to an unhappy or tragic ending
was the next great tragedian, had served as a general in the athenian army and had lived through most of the peloponnesian war
last of the 3 great greek tragedians rarely delt with the influence of the gods and goddness on human lifes.
a comedy tonight
the greeks also wrote comedies
plays with humorous themes and happy endings.
the most famous writers of comedies
the olympic games
the games were held in olympian, only men played, women wernt allowed to watch. the greek crowned the olympic winners with wreath of olive leaves
olympic games were held here every 4 years