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The conduct of nursing research has it sroots with:
1. Florence Nightingale.
2. American Nurses Association.
3. National Institute of Nursing Research.
4. Goldmark report.
The first journal dedicated to nursing research is:
1. Standards of Clinical Nursing Practice.
2. Nursing Research.
3. Goldmark report.
4. National Institute of Nursing Research.
Tradition is an efficient way of learning although it also can limit the ability to seek new ways of doing things when:
1. A person does not question the practice.
2. Client is experiencing stress.
3. It is treated as absolute truth.
4. A client is disinterested in learning new things.
The foundation of research is based on:
1. Experience
2. Problem solving
3. Critical thinking
4. Scientific method
The hallmark of scientific research is the
1. Experiment
2. Survey
3. Evaluation
4. Literature review
Persons selected for comparison and experimental research groups are known as the:
1. Subjects
2. Control group
3. Researchers
4. Experimental group
Nursing studies use many research methods. The method chosen depends on:
1. The preference of the researcher.
2. The amount of knowledge known about the problem.
3. The latest healthcare issue.
4. The availability of other research studies.
Qualitative nursing research is the investigation of phenomena that are:
1. Not easily quantified.
2. Easily quantified.
3. Obtained in a numerical form.
4. Developed thorugh deductive reasoning.
Tte preparation of nurse scientists, who have primary responsibility for the conducting of research, is befun at the master's level and is concentrated at the doctoral and postdoctoral levels. However:
1. Only doctorally prepared nurses identify a probem to be studied.
2. Only doctorally prepared nurses conduct the study.
3. Only master's prepared nurses apply research findings to practice.
4. ANA's position paper describes and includes research activities for nurse.
Although it is not always possible to anticipate all potential undesirable effects, researchers are obligated to inform everyone involved about the known potential risks. This is an example of:
1. Confientiality
2. Anonymity
3. Informed consent
4. Autonomy
The _________ is an orderly, planned and controlled way of studying a problem in clinical practice, nursing education or nursing administration.
research process
Participation of human subjects in research studies requires the researcher to obtain _____ of study sugjects.
informed consent
To determine whether research findings can be used as a basis for nursing practice, the nurse should consider the _____
scientific worth of the study.
One way of acquiring knowledge is by ______. This happens when one nurse passes knowledge down to the next nurse.
Another way knowledge is acquired is by _______ information from experts in a particular field.
This methof of learning is practical, but it is unsystematic and often a haphazard way of learning
Problem solving.
The step-by-step process is the foundation of research.
scientific method
Evidence that is part of experience that is gathered directly or indirectly through use of observations and assessments and is the basis for discovering new knowledge.
Empirical data
This method of research is the investigation of nursing phenomena that lends themselves to precise measurement and quantification.
Quantitative nursing research.
The persons selected for the comparison and experimental group in experimental research are called what?
What guarantees any information provided by the sugject will not be reported in any manner that identifies the subject and will not be made accessible to people outside the research team.
What does HIPPA stand for?
Health Information Portability and Accountability Act.
True or False?
An abstract is a short summary of the purpose of the study.
A clinical nursing problem is what?
a discrepancy between the way things are and they way they ought ot be.