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What is respiratrory distress?
An abnormal condition where breathing is labored, noisy, irregular or unusually fast or slow
Respiratory arrest?
Total cessation of breathing or respiratory effort
What is a face shield?
A barrier device that covers a victim's mouth
What is a face mask?
A barrier device that covers a victim's mouth and nose
What is a stoma?
A surgical opening in the neck
What is gastric distention?
Inflation of the stomach with air (if you overinflate or blow too fast)
What is aspiration?
Breathing foreign matter into the lungs
How soon after being deprived of oxygen is brain damage possible?
4-6 minutes
How soon after being deprived of oxygen is brian damage certain?
10 minutes
What are the 4 steps of victim assessment?
1. determining unresponsiveness
2. activating EMS system
3. positioning victim and opening airway
4. determining breathlessness
How soon should you activate EMS for an adult and for a child/infant?
Immediately for adults, 1 minute of care for child/infant
What is the head tilt/chin lift maneuver?
1. place tips of fingers of one hand under jaw; other hand on victim's forehead and apply pressure
2. bring chin forward, supporting jaw and tilting head backward
3. lift chin so teeth are nearly brought together; use your thumb to keep the mouth slightly open
What is the jaw-thrust maneuver?
1. place elbows on surface even with victim's head
2. grasp jaw on both sides. move jaw forward and upward
3. retract lover lip with thumb if lips close
where do you check an infants pulse?
how many rescue breaths for an adult?
1 every 5 sec
how many rescue breaths for a child?
1 every 3
how many rescue breaths for an infant?
1 every 3
Advantages of bag valve mask?
higher level of oxygen
limits disease transmission
very effective w/ 2 rescuers
Disadvantages of bag valve mask?
Difficult for one person
may take longer to assemble
requires practice
not readily available