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1. In 509 B.C., The Romans overthrw the last Etruscan King.
It established a republic, a form of government in which the leader was not a monarch.
2. In 338 B.C., Romans crushed the Latin states in Latium.
Rome was again wictorious.
3. By 264 B.C., They had overcome the Greeks and completed there conquest.
Rome had conquered virtually all of Italy.
1. The centuriate assembly elected the chief officials, such as consuls, praetors, and passed laws.
The wealthest citizen always had a majority.
2. IN 471 B.C., The council fo the plebs was created.
The plebs were permitted to become consuls.
3. By 287 B.C., all men Roman citizans were supposedly equal under the law.
The Roman Repuclic had not become a Democracy.
1. In 73 B.C, The most famous slave revolt in Italy occurred.
The revolt broke out in southern Italy and involved seventy thousand slaves.
2. In 71 B.C., Six thousand followers fo Spartacus were crucified.
They were put to death by being nailed on a cross. The Spartacus managaed to defeat several Roman armies before being trapped and killed.
3. In A.D. 64, the famous fire happed.
Nero was falsely accused of starting, destroyed a good part of the city.
1. In 60 B.C., Ceasar joined with crassus and pompey to form the First Triumvirate.
The triumvirate is a government by three people with equal power.
2. In 53 B.C., Ceasar was killed in battle.
There were still two powerful men left, the leading senitors decided teh rule by Pmpey alone would be to their benefit.