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Environmental Scanning
helps HR planners identify and anticipate sources of problems, threats and opportunities that should drive the organization’s strategic planning. help planners identify and anticipate sources of SWOT
action programming
finasl step of HRP model: takes adopted solution and lays out the sequence of events that need to be executed to realize the plan
centralized approach to projecting labour demand
each unit or functional manager subjectively derives his or her own staffing needs
delphi technique
experts take turns at presenting a forecast statement and assumptions for labour market forecasts
gap analysis
reconciles forecasts of labour demand and supply
human resource planning
assures that the people with the right KASOCS are in the right places in the right numbers
loose labour market
qualified recruits are abundant
markov analysis
a transition model used by a large companies to make long-term forecats. it uses historical information from personel movements of the internal labour supply to predict what will happen in the future
nominal group technique
experts independetly list their ideas hen they share them, they refer back to them
outplacement services
are used by some companies when downsizing
personnel skills inventory
used to determine internal supply of candidates
realistic job previews
present the characteristics of the job to applicants so that they can evaluate the compatibility of this realistic presentation of the job with their own work preferences
regression analysis
is the statistical relationship using company's hisotrical data with company's employment level
selection ratio
is the proportion of job openings to job applicants
a process through which the basic mission and objectives of the organization are set and a process through which the organization uses its resources to achieve its objectives
time-lapse data
average time it takes between decision points in recruiting
trend analysis
based on assumptions that future is an extrapolation from the past... incorporates certain business factors
yield ratios
the ratio of applicants to hire at each stop in the selection process