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Product strategy options
differentiation, low cost, rapid response
Product by value analysis
lists products in descending order of their individual dollar contribution to the firm
New Product Opportunities
Understanding the customer
Economic change
Sociological and demographic change
Technological change
Political/legal change
Other changes
market practice professional standards, suppliers, and distributors.
Product Development system
Customer requirements
Functional Specifications
Product specifications
Design review
Test market
test market
Quality Function Deployment
Identify customer wants
Identify how the good/service will satisfy customer wants
Relate customer wants to product hows
Identify relationships between the firm's hows
Develop importance ratings
Manufacturability and Value engineering
Reduced complexity of products
Additional standardization of components
Improvement of functional aspects of the product
improved job design and job safety
improved maintainability of the product
Benefits of CAD/CAM
product quality
shorter design time
production cost reduction
database availability
new range fo capabilities
product quality, shorter design time, production cost reduction
Decreasing family size is an example of a(n) ________ that creates an opportunity for a new or redesigned product.
sociological and demographic change
Listing products in descending order of their individual dollar contribution to the firm is called
product-by-value analysis
A route sheet
lists the operations necessary to produce the component
An assembly chart is a(n)
schematic showing how the product is assembled
Self-checkout at a grocery store is an example of
customer participation in service delivery
Which of the following is characteristic of the maturity phase?
Competitors are well established.
Modular design
offers flexibility to both production and marketing
Which of the following is not a concept of green manufacturing?
Make products so that small variations in production do not adversely affect the product.
Which of the following is an external product development strategy?
joint venture
Which of the following is an internal product development strategy?
migration of existing products
In the service industry, the crucial moment that exemplifies, enhances, or detracts from the customer's expectations is called
the moment of truth
An umbrella of software programs that may include CAD/CAM, DFMA, product routing, maintenance, and other product concerns is called
product lifecycle management software
When a customer places a request for a product or service with a producer
a work order is created
Product design may be accomplished more quickly through the use of cross-functional teams that work on various aspects of the design at the same time. This approach is known as
concurrent engineering