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Tall organization
organization with many management levels
organization with few levels relative to its size
Principle of minimum chain of command
an organization should choose the minimum number of management levesl consistent with its goals and the environment in which it exists. Keep the organization as flat as possible while maintaining control over activities
Span of control
number of subordinates a manager directly manages
Horizontal differentiation
divided into subunits with many different hierarchies
less managerial supervision needed
reduces the need for levels of management because rules substitute for direct supervision
Bureaucratic #1
founded on the concept of rational-leagl authority
Rational legal authority
due to the position in an organization, not because of personl qualities such as charisma, wealth or status
Bureaucratic #2
Organizational roles are held on the basis of technical competence, not because of social status, kinship or heredity
Bureaucratic #3
A role's task responsibility and decision-making authority and its relationship to other roles in the organization should be clearly specified
Bureaucratic #4
The organization of roles in a bureaucracy is such that each lower office in the heirarchy is under the control and supervision of a higher office
Bureaucratic #5
Rules, standard operation procedures and norms should be used to control behavior and the relationship between roles in an organization
Bureaucratic #6
Administrative acts, decisions and rules hsuld be formulated and put in writing