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The way in which a society is organized into predictable relationships.
Social structure
a social structure that derives its existence from the social interactions through which people define and redefine its character.
Negotiated order
_______refers to any f the socially defined positions with in a large group or society
What is ascribed status?
one is born with this
what is achieved status
one earns this
a status that dominates others and determines a person's general position in society is...
master status
sets of expectation for people who occupy a give status...
social roles
occurs when incompatible expectations arise from two or more social positions held by the same person.

Onyekwulejah leaving class for child
role conflict
the difficulties that result from the differing demands of different social positions...
role strain
a ______ is any number of ppl with similar norms, values, and expectations who interact with each other on a regular basis.
organized patterns of beliefs and behavior centered on basic social needs.
social institutions
the __________ is defined as a small community in which ppl have similar backgrounds and life experiences.
a large community in which people are strangers and feel little in common with other community residents.
the gasellschaft
__________ refers to the "process of change and development in human societies resulting from growth in their stores of cultural information."
Sociocultural evolution
this approach views society as undergoing change according to a dominant pattern, known as sociocultural evolution.
Lenski's Sociocultural Evolution Approach
these societies are composed of small, widely dispersed groups...
hunting-and-gathering societies
People plant seeds and crops, people are less nomadic than in hunter-gatherer societies...
Horticultural Societies
People are primarily engaged in production of food. People use technological innovations like the plow for dramatic increases in food production.
Agrarian Society
These societies depend on mechanization to produce it's goods and services. These societies rely on inventions and energy sources that facilitate agricultural and industrial production.
Industrial societies
a ____________ is one whose economic system is engaged primarily in the processing and control of information.
post industrial society
a ________ society is a technologically sophisticated society preoccupied with consumer goods and media images.
postmodern society