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Political party
A group of people organized to influence government through winning elections and setting public policy.
One party system
A political system in which only one party exists or routinely controls the government.
Two party system
A political system in which only two major parties compete for control of the government.
Proportional representation
A system in which candidates are elected in proportion to the popular vote they received.
Multi party system
A political system in which many parties exist and compete for control of the government.
An alliance, often temporary, of people, parties, or nation to achieve a common goal.
A voter who does not belong to or consistently support one of the main political parties.
People at the local level; average voters, not professional politicians.
The practice of rewarding political allies and supporters with jobs.
An electoral system in which the person with the most votes wins; no majority is needed.
Collective opinion, general agreement.
Single Member District
An electoral district in which only the one candidate with the most votes is elected to office.
Split ticket
A vote for candidates of more than one party in the same election.
Economic protest party
A political party dominated by feelings of economic discontent.
Splinter party
A political party that has split off from a major party because of a serious disagreement.
Ideological party
A political party based on a particular set of beliefs or ideology.
Single issue party
A political party focused on one issue.