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Suprachiasmatic nucleus
an area of the brain containing a biological clock that governs circadian rhythms
a hormone secreted by the pineal glad; it is involved in the regulation of circadian rhythms
Internal desynchronization
a state in which biological rhythms are not in phase with one another
Seasonal affective disorder controversial disorder in which a person experience depression during the winter and an improvement of mood in the spring
Menstrual cycle
cycle periodic maturation of an oocyte in the ovary, coupled with physical changes in uterus, once monthly over roughly a 30 yr. period.
Alpha waves
regular, slow rhythm and a high amplitude
generated from within
Delta waves
very slow waves with very high peaks
Anabolic steroids
illegal addicting drugs that help speed muscle growth, but have many bad, harmful side effects
Lucid dreams
a dream in which the dreamer is aware of dreams
Withdrawal symptoms
nausea and vomiting, abdominal cramping, muscle twitching, profuse perspiration, delirium, convulsions
Infradian rhythm
biological rhythm that occurs less than once a day
REM sleep
rapid eye movement sleep; a recurring sleep stage during which vivid dreams commonly occur.
Circadian rhythm
a physiological cycle of about 24 hours that is present in all eukaryotic organisms and that persists even in the absence of external cues
Ultradian rhythm
a biological rhythm ocurring more than once a day
drug that relieve pain and commonly produce euphoria
Psychedelic drugs
alter consciousness, by disrupting the normal perception of time and space