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name & describe the 3 types of air filters.
*disposable filters- non-cleanable and replaced with new ones *permanenet filters-can be cleaned & reused *electronic filters-usually used with cleanable type prefilters
how is the inside humidity requirement affected by the outside temperature?
the colder the outside temp. the greater the need for humidifaction
what are the 3 types of evaporative humidifers?
*rotating-drum evaporative humidifer *fan-powered evaporative humidifier *flow-through evaporative humidifier
where is the fan located in respect to the heat exchanger on each type of furnace?
*horizontal-horizontally over the heat exchanger *upflow or highboy-below the heat exchanger *downflow or counterflow-above the heat exchanger *multipossition furnace-fan can be positioned either way
what is the range of particles removed by the electronic air filter?
0.1 to 10 microamps
where does the steam power humidifier get its steam?
uses an electrical heating element immersed in a water reservior to evaporate moisture into the furnace supply-air plenum
what are the two types of fan-motor arrangements?
*belt drive *direct drive
how much can the fan speed be adjusted with a variable-pitch motor pulley?
30 percent
if a motor has a 3 in. pulley,and the blower a 12 in. pulley, using a motor operating at 1200 rev/min,what is the speed of the fan?
3 in. divided by 12 in. times 1200=600 rev/min.
what are the 4 different configurations of parts available on forced warm air furnaces?
*horizontal *upflow or highboy *downflow or counterflow *multiposition furnace
describe the 2 types of heat exchangers on standard furnaces.
*individual-section heat exchanger has a number of seperate heat exchangers *cylindrical heat exchanger has a single combustion chamber
what material is used to construct the standard heat exchanger?
cold-rolled,low-carbon steel with welded or crimped seams
what is the purpose of the flushing device?
drains & refills the reservoir with clean,fresh water every 12 hrs.