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work analysis
is a systematic process of gathering information about work, jobs, and the relationships among jobs.
refers to demonstrated competence to perform an observable behavior or a behavior that results in an observable product
is a competence to preform a learned, psychomotor act, and may include a manual, verbal or mental manipulation of data, people or things.
Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ)
: questionnaire that assesses activities using 6 categories
Management Position Description Questionnaire (MPDQ)
- standardized instrument designed specifically for use in analyzing managerial jobs.
Competency modeling
attempts to identify and define individual competencies that are common or core for an occupational group or the organization as a whole
Job Compatibility Questionnaire (JCQ)
- work analysis method to be used in the development of personnel selection instruments and intervention strategies. Gathers info on all aspects of the work experience that are thought to be related to employee performance, absences, turnover and job satisfaction. Not recommended for managerial positions
Job Characteristics Model -
enhances the intrinsic aspects of an employee’s work to increase satisfaction and performance.
Task identity
doing a job from beginning to end with a visible outcome
freedom in planning and doing work
Task significance
job has substantial impact of the lives or work of others
Multimethod Job Design Questionnaire (MJDQ)
- asks job incumbents to evaluate the motivational, mechanistic, biological, and perceptual-moto approaches to measuring work.
Strategic Job analysis
- forecast what a job may be like in a new environment with new strategic goals, new technologies, increased customer contact, or expanded duties.
Work Process Mapping (WPM)
tool used with increasing frequency, as it has proven to be important supplement to traditional text based job descriptions. A work process map produces a picture of how people do their work to achieve specific aims.
Critical incident technique
is a qualitative approach for obtaining specific, behaviourall focused descriptions of work or other activities
Functional Job analysis
is a worker-oriented job analysis method that attempts to describe the whole person
job descriptions
describes the job in terms of its content and scope. Includes information on job duties and resonsibilities, an identification of critical internal and external customer etc.
job diagnostic survey
is an instrument designed to measure the five key elecemtns of the job charcteristic model
job specifications
consists of KASOCS needed to carry out the job tasks and dudites. May include specific educational requirements or years of experience
Occupational Information Network (O*NET)
provides automated database for collecting describing and presenting reliable and valid occupational information
person or worker oriented methods
collects information based on KASOCs or behaviours
strategic job analysis
forecasts what a job maybe like in a new environment
task or job oriented methods
indicate the tasks or duties required to perform a job
trait oriented methods
focus on latent traits ( mental physical of personality) that aperson has in order to perform to get specfic results
Work process mapping
applies a simplified version of flowcharting to describing work processes