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Documentation should consist of:
Record every CST contact, Use common language, document all info and employ a journalism standard
Chapter 4-4
Use a journalism style writing
Just the facts
How many incidents should be documented in Printer issue
B. Two
Chapter 4-11
What piece of information is NOT necessary to document regarding printer-mapping issue
The customer is not happy etc.
Select the piece of info that is NOT necessary to the monitor request
The size of the monitor
Effective knowledge management can transform a support center into a _______ for the entire organization and position themselves for ______
Center of Knowledge

A knowledgebase is:
the repository for storing all of the information in an organized and structured way for use by CST, support professionals.
By following _______ you ensure that the information you collect is ___ and ____
Best Practice Procedures

Accurate and consistent
The value is _____, made easily accessible to all stakeholders, resulting in savings of ___ and _____ for support professionals
organized information
time and