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Deviate Sexual Intercourse
A general term that can encompass sodomy as well as fellatio and cunnilingus.
Solicitation of sexual activity.
Indecent Exposure
Exposing ones genitals for the purpose of arousing or gratifying sexual desires of him or herself, or any other person other than his or her spouse, under circumstances in which he or she knows his or her conduct is likely to cause alarm.
At common law , intentionally and indecently and offensively exposing the sex organs in the presence of another in an offensive manner.
Marital Rape
The common law provided that a husband could not be guilty of a rape commited by himself upon his lawful wife, because the matrimonal consent she gave when they were wed could not be retracted.
The act of having sexual intercourse with another by force or against ones will.
Rape Shield Statutes
Statutes that restrict testimony about a rape victims proir sexual behavior to that genuinely relevant to the defense.
The offense of a man deceitfully inducing a woman to have unlawful sexual intercourse with him.
Sexual Abuse
Occurs when one person touches another or subjects another person to sexual contact without the others consent.
Sexual Assault
Occurs when one person touches another or subjects another person to sexual contact without the others consent.
Sexual Contact
touching the sexual or intimate parts of another perosn for the purpose of gratifying the sexual desire of either party.
Sexual Misconduct
In some states, sexual intercourse between a defendant under age 18 and a victim under age 16.
Carnal copulation between the same sex, or between man and animal, contrary to nature. Includes anal intercorse, fellatio, cunnilingus etc.
Statutory Rape
Sexual intercourse with a female under the age of consent.
Committing trespass or otherwise surreptitiously invading the privacy of another, to spy or eavesdrop on another, for the purpose of sexually arousing gratifying oneself.
What are the elements of rape?
1. unlawful;
2. sexual intercorse;
3. by force or fear;
4. without consent