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-primary reproductive structures of the male
-site of sperm formation
-site of hormone production
-where testes are housed
-temperature is lower than that of internal body, necessary for sperm to live
How many sperm are produced daily?
over 200 million
tunica albuginea
-means white coat
-tough fibrous covering that protects the testis
Seminiferous tubules
site of sperm production
condition frequently in premature births where testes have not descended through the inguinal canals and into scrotum (7th month)
Spermatic Cord
-Bundle of structures
-Passes through inguinal canal
-Includes ductus deferens, testicular vessels, lympy vessels, and nerves
Seminal vesicle
-paired glands posterior to and at base of bladder
-produce alkaline fluid containing nutrients
Ejaculatory Duct
seminal vesicle and ductus deferens join to form ejaculatory duct
-seminal fluid and the fluid containing the sperm join and pass thru into prostatic urethra
Prostate gland
-largest accessory gland
-beneach bladder and surrounds urethra
-contracts to add milky aldaline fluid to urethra through many small ducts
Male Urethra
Prostatic, membranous, penile
Major Functions
-produce male germ cell, the sperm, and introduce it into female tract
-to produce hormones mainly testosterone