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cōnor cōnārī cōnātus sum
I try
cōnsōlor cōnsōlārī cōnsōlātus sum
I comfort
moror morari moratus sum
I delay
vereor vereri veritus sum
I fear
videor videri visus sum
I seem
labor labi lapsus sum
I slip, fall
loquor loqui locutus sum
I speak
proficiscor proficisci profectus sum
I set out
sequor sequi secutus sum
I follow
orior oriri ortus sum
I arise
morior mori mortuus sum
I die
patior pati passus sum
I suffer
egredior egredi egressus sum
I go out
ingredior indgedi ingressus sum
I go into
progredior progredi progessus sum
I advance
regredior regredi regressus sum
I go back
gradior, gradi, gressus sum
I step ( compare gradus us; a step)
celo celare
I hide
prohibeo, prohibere, prohibui, prohibitum
I prevent
coniungo, coniungere, coniunxi, coniunctum
I join
desino, desinere, desii, desitum
I cease
mala, -orum
evils, troubles
terror, terroris, m.
opus est
+dat. of person
+abl. of thing needed ie.
opus est mihi auxilio; I need help
(there is need of help for me)
pes pedis, m.
pius, a, um
pious, good
impius, a, um
impious, wicked