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betty friedan
she wrote the famine mystique
equal pay act
made it illegal to pay a female less than a male counterpart for the same job
a women's rights group that claimed 1000 member i n its existence
Gloria Steinem
inspired activism in 1960's
was founded by steinem to encourage women to run for political office
education amendments act
outlawed sexual discrimination in higher education
Phyllis Schlafly
was pleased when ERA failed to win ratification
Bella Abzug and Shirley Chisholm
New york representatives that receives attention
Cesar Chavez
led the national farm workers association and decided to join the pass
Dolores Huerta
founded NFWA
La Huelga
the Delano grape strike that lasted till 1970
United Farm Workers
NFWA merged with another union and created this
Reise Lopez Tijerina
led the Alianza Fedearl de Mercedes
Alianza Fedearl de Mercedes
worked to regain land that had been taken from mexican american
Brown Berets`
inspired by black panthers it was an activist group created in 1967 in response to police brutality to mexican americans
Rodolfo Gonzales
became a leading figure in the chicano movement
Crusade for Justice
founded by Gonzales, was a group that supported mexican american nationalism
created in 1967 by students from St. Mary's University In San Antonio
Jose Angel Guitierrez
One of MAYO's founders, he was inspired by a 1966 farmworkers protest march
La Raza Unida Party
formed by Guitierrez