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Betty Friedan
an author who helped spark the revival of the women's movement
Equal Pay Act
it made it illegal to pay male workers more than female workers
National Organization for Women
a women's rights group
Gloria Steinem
a journalist and was one of the women inspired to activism during the sixties.
National Women's Political Caucus
It encouraged women to run for political office
Education Amendment Act
it outlawed sexual discrimination in higher education
Phylis Schalfly
Conservative critic who was pleased when the era failed to win ratification
Bella Abzug
a new york representative
shirley chisholm
a new york representative
César Chávez
National Farm Workers Association leader
Dolores Huerta
former CSO worker
la huelga
the Delano grape strike
United Farm Workers
Not exclusive a mexican american organization and included many non hispanic members
Reies López Tijerina
He led the Alianza Federal de Mecedes
The Alianza Federal de Mercedes
Federal alliance of land grants worked to regain land that had been taken from mexican americans often through fraud or deception
Brown Berets
an activist group formed in response to police brutality against mexican americans
Rodolfo Gonzales
he became one of the leading figures in the chicano movement.
Crusade for Justice
a group that promoted mexican american nationalism
Mexican American Youth Organization
José Angel Gutiérrez
a founder who had been inspired by a farm workers protest march.
La Raza Unida Party
formed by Gutiérrez a mexican political party
American Indian Movement
a major force behind the Red Power movement it called for a renewal of indian culture and recognition of rights
Russell Means
a sioux who was born on the pine ridge who was a prominent figure in aim
Ed Roberts
A young Californian who had become a quadriplegic after having polio was among one of the first to fight for disability access to buildings.
Rehabilitation Act
It forbade discrimination in jobs education or housing because of physical disabilities.
Education for All Handicapped Children Act
it required public schools to provide education for children with physical or mental disabilities.
American Association of Retired Persons
Gray Panthers
it was a smaller version of aarp
Maggie Kuhn
one of the gray panthers founders
Children's defense fund
a leading children's rights organization
Marian Wright Edelman
a director of CDF who focused on helping poor and minority children