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(originally Tafari Makonnen) Emperor of Ethiopia who appealed to the League Of Nations for help when Italy invaded. The League voted sanctions, but couldn’t really do anything about it. Fuckers. Well, Haile was exiled during Italian occupation, but returned after 4 years. He helped modernize his country. Go Haile!
Haile Selassie
Italy, Germany, & Japan are ho asses who agreed to fight the Soviet Union and not interfere with each other’s plans for expansion.
Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis
a small Spanish market town air raided by Germany where about 1,600 innocent lives were lost. The Nazis called it an experiment to test out their new planes. FUCK YOU!
Sept. 1938, British & French leaders again choose appeasement and caved into Hitler’s demands and persuaded the Czechs to surrender Sudetenland w/o a fight. Hitler assured Britain and France that he had no further plans of expansion. Right…
Munich Conference
British prime minister who told his cheering crowds that he had achieved “peace for our time” & said that the Munich Pact had “saved Czechoslovakia from destruction and Europe from Armageddon.” Sucka!!!
Neville Chamberlain
Publicly, bounded Hitler & Stalin to peaceful relations. Secretly, the 2 agreed 1) not to fight if the other went to war & 2) to divide up Poland & other parts of Eastern Europe. Based on mutual need.
Nazi-Soviet Pact
giving in to the demands of an aggressor to keep the peace
opposition to all war
the union of Austria & Germany
French hunkered down behind the Maginot Line & Britain sent in troops to wait with them. Right ok…
“Phony War”
Brits sent all available naval vessels, merchant ships, blah blah blah to pluck stranded troops off the beaches of Dunkirk & Ostend. There were German air attacks, but Britain’s improvised armada ferried 300,000+ troops to safety in Britain. Yeah. “Miracle at Dunkirk” which raised British morale.
British prime minister who replaced Neville Chamberlain. Had been a lone voice against the Nazi threat, but in 1940, he rallied the Brits to fight on.
Winston Churchill
Germans bombing Britain…
Battle of Britain
Hitler’s conquest of the Soviet Union. Did pretty damn well, but Russia’s “General Winter” did the Germans in. haha.
Hitler’s conquest of the Operation Barbarossa.
FDR persuaded Congress to pass it. It allowed him to sell or lend war materials to “any country whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the United States.”
Lend-Lease Act
December 7, 1941- Japan’s General Tojo ordered a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor damaging/destroying 19 ships, smashed American airplanes to the ground, and killed 2,400+ people. President FDR asked Congress to declare war on Japan. On the 11th, Germany & Italy, as Japan‘s allies, declared war on the US.
Pearl Harbor
“lighting war”
detected air planes
detected submarines
The Nazi’s massacre of 6 million Jews.
Japan’s self-proclaimed mission to help Asians escape western colonial rule, but their real goal was a Japanese empire in Asia.
Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
British General Bernard Montgomery finally stopped Rommel’s advance. Drove the Axis forces back across Libya into Tunisia.
Battle of El Alamein
one of the most costliest battles of WWII. Hitler wanted to capture it. Stalin wanted to defend it. Duh. Germans surrendered & approximately 300,000 of their soldiers were killed, wounded, or captured
Battle of Stalingrad
June 16, 1944- Allie’s invasion of France to get the Germans out. Yay! France was then free.
deliberate murder of a race
helped the Nazis hunt down Jews
payment for damages caused by the imprisonment
US warships & airplanes severely damaged Jappo fleets. Weakened the Jappo naval power & stopped Jappo advancement.
Battle of the Coral Sea
Bloody battle lasting over a month. Slowed Allies, but Hitler’s lasts success.
Battle of the Bulge
May 8, 1945- Victory In Europe! The war In Europe officially ended!
V-E Day
Taken office after FDR died. Realized that the atomic bomb was terrible, but used it against Japan anyways.
Harry Truman
campaign with the goal of recapturing some Japanese-held islands while bypassing others
pilots who undertook suicide missions
The United Nations- international organization to ensure peace.
Soviet control of Eastern Europe- divided the continent.
“iron curtain”
made clear that Americans would resist Soviet expansion. Rooted in the idea of containment.
Truman Doctrine
“Operation Vittles” Planes carried more than 2.3 million tons of food, coal, & supplies. Us & British pilots flew over Soviet-occupied East Germany to West Berlin. A plane landed every 3 minutes & was unloaded in 17 minutes. SUCCESS!
Berlin airlift
North Atlantic Treaty Organization- 1949, US, Canada, & nine Western European countries formed this military alliance.
Soviet Union’s alliance including the USSR & 7 satellites in Easter Europe. (used as a weapon by the Soviet to keep its satellites in check.)
Warsaw Pact
limiting communism to the areas under Soviet control
dependent states