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22nd Amendment
(1951) limits presidents term to 2 terms
Flexible Response
numerous response options in the event of a national crisis
Peace Corps
American volunteers to developing coutries
Alliance for Progress
More economic aid to Latin America
Berlin Wall
Divides Germany -> most recognizable symbol of Cold War
Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
End testing of nuclear bombs above ground and underwater <- underground was ok
Hot Line
Enabled countries to communicate directly during a crisis
New Frontier
Kennedy's agenda:
-increase gov. spending (employment up inflation down)
-Congress (donated $ to charities)
Area Redevelopment Act (ARA)
bill to provide economic assistance to distressed regions
Kennedy's assassination
November 22, 1963
Kennedy's attorney general
Robert Kennedy
War on Poverty
called for creation of office of economic opportunity to create jobs
Office of Economic Opportunity
Government agency formed in 1964 to coordinate antipoverty programs
Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)
domestic peace corps
Great Society
Johnson's program to improve U.S. society "better yourself"
Federal health insurance program for people over 65
Federal Program to provide free health care to the needy
Elementary and Secondary Education Act
provided $$ to schools in poor areas
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Nonprofit organization offered educational television programming