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The abbreviation for the organization specificially charged with the investigation and control of disease is the...
When a pathogen invades the body and causes disease, the result is called an...
What term is used to describe a type of infection that can spread from person to person?
The term used to desvribe an infection that infects the entire body is...
A pathogen is...
A microbe capable of causing disease
A nosocomial infection is...
Acquired by a patient while in the hospital
What is an example of a nosocomial infection?
Urinary catheter site of a patient in the intensive care unit becomes infected
The most common type of nosocomial infection in the United States is...
Urinary tract infection
The ability of a microorganism to survive on contaminated articles and equipment has to do with its...
The degree to which an organism is capable of causing disease is called...
This is not a link (components) in the chain of infection...
Airborne precautions require phlebotomists to wear...
An N95 respirator
What type of precaution would be used for a patient who has pulmonary tuberculosis?
The mode of transportation that involves contaminated food, water, drugs or a blood transfusion is...
Which mode of infection transmission involves transfer of an infective microbe to the mucous membranes of a susceptible individual by the means of a cough or sneeze?
Inanimate objects that can harbor material containing agents are called...
Which mode of infection transmission occurs from touching contaminated bed linens?
Indirect contact
A person who has recovered from a particular virus has developed antibodies against that virus is said to be...
What are three ways to break the chain of infection?
Hand washing and glove use, isolation procedures, and stress reduction and proper nutrition
When the chain of infection is broken...
Infection is prevented
An example of employee screening for infection control is...
Purified protien derivative (PPD)
What is a condition that may lead to work restrictions for a hospital employee?
A positive PPD test
The main purpose of an infection control program is to...
Protect patients, employees, visitors and anyone doing business within the healthcare institution from infection
Gloves are worn to...
prevent contamination of hands when handling blood or body fluids, reduce the chance of transmitting microorganisms on the hands of a personnel to patients during invasive procedures, minimize the possibility of transmitting infectious microorganisms from one patient to another
In order to kill, remve or inhibt transient microorganisms, a hand antiseptic must include...
Antimicrobial soap
Non-latex gloves are considered...
Personal protective equipment
Proper handwashing procedure does not involve...
Turning the faucet off with the towel used to dry your hands
What is the proper order for putting on protective clothing?
Gown first, then mask, gloves last
Proper procedures for drawing blood in the neonatal intensive care unit include...
Leave blood drawing equipment in the washroom, and remove gloves, decontaminate hands and put on new gloves between each patient, and wear mask, gown and gloves
The purpose of "protective" isolation is to...
Protect susceptible patients who are highly susceptible to infections
The focus of infection control turned from preventing patient - patient transmission to preventing patient - personal transmission with the introduction of this concept.
Universal precations (UP)
The two organizations responsible for the latest Guidelines for Isolation Precautions in Hospitals are the...
What type of isolation would be used for a patient who has a very low white blood cell count?
Standard precautions apply to all body fluids except what?
Which organization instituted and enforces the Blood Borne Pathogen Standard?
Standard precaution should be followed...
with all patients, at all times
An example of a disease requiring airborne precaution includes...
rubeola, chicken pox, and tuberculosis
Any material or substance harmful to health is a...
What involves possible exposure to blood borne pathogens by "percutaneous" exposure route?
Getting stuck with a contaminated needle
All of these diseases involve a blood borne pathogen...
AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Syphilis
HBV vaccinations involve...
A dose of vaccine, another 1 month later and a final dose 6 months after that
The body organ targeted by HBV is the...
The most frequent occuring laboratory - acquired infections is...
This disease involves a blood borne pathogen...
OSHA requires that hepatitis B vaccination be made available to employees assigned to duties with occupation exposure risk...
Within 10 working days of initial assignment
The abbreviation for the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is...
The majority of exposures to HIV in healthcare settings occur...
From needle sticks
This is required under the OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) Standard...
Wear gloves when performing phlebotomy procedures
This organization requires healthcare facilities to have a written exposure plan for infection control.
This organization contains regulation requiring the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the medical laboratory...
OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP)
These are all required parts of an exposure control plan...
An exposure determination, communication of hazards, and methods of implementation
This is not recommended by the OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Standard...
Dismissal of HIV - positive workers
What is the first thing a phlebotomist should do in the event of an accidental needle stick?
Decontaminate the site and fill out an incident report
What should the phlebotomist do if the outside of a patient's specimen tube has blood on it?
Wipe it with a disinfectant
What is the best way to clean up blood that has dripped on the arm of a phlebotomist chair?
Absorb it with a paper towel or gauze pad and wipe the area with a disinfectant
This is consider one of the many proper electrical safety procedures...
Unplug electrical equipment when servicing
In which instance could an electrical shock to a patient most likely occur?
Touching electrical equipment while drawing a patient's blood
The first thing to do in the event of electrical shock to a co-worker or patient is...
Shut off the source of electricity
The three components of fire referred to as the fire triangle are...
Fuel, oxygen and heat
The component that turns the fire triangle into a fire tetrahedon is...
A chemical reaction
Which class of fire occurs with flammable liquids?
How many classes of fire are identified by the National Fire Asssociation (NFA)?
A class C fire involves...
Electrical equipment
Which class of fire occurs with combustile metals?
What does the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code word RACE mean?
Rescue, alarm, confine, extinguish
The main principles involved in radiation exposure are...
Exposure time, distance, and shielding
The "Right to Know" law primarily deals with...
Hazardous materials information
Which federal agency instituted and enforces regulation requiring the labeling of hazardous materials?
This is not an acceptable chemical safety procedure...
Store chemicals in unlabeled containers
Manufacturers are required to supply MSDS for their products by the...
OSHA (HazCom)
You accidentally splash a bleach solution in your eye while preparing it for cleaning purposes. What is the first thing you should do?
Flush your eyes with water for a minimum of 15 minutes
Which labeling system uses a diamond shaped sign containing the United Nations hazard class number and a symbol representing the hazard?
According to standard first aid procedures, severe external hemorrhage is best controlled by...
Applying direct pressure and elevation of the extremity
The blue quadrant of the NFPA diamond shaped symbol for hazardous materials indicates...
Health hazard
What are three of the symptoms of shock?
cold, clammmy skin, expressionless face and staring eyes, increased shallow breathing
What is the first action to take to help a victim in shock?
Maintain an open airway
This is an unhealthy way to deal with stress...
Making several majo life changes