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All the living things in an ecosystem.
An organism that eats other organisms.
An organism that breaks down dead plant and animal material.
A place where a plant or animal naturally lives and grows.
An organism that a parasite lives in or inside of.
An organism that lives on or inside of another organism.
Animals that hunt for food.
Animals that predators eat.
Make their own food from water, air, and energy from the sunlight.
Eat dead animals.
A ______________ hunts for ___________.
A Predator hunts for Prey.
A _____________ lives on or in a(n)__________.
A Parasite lives on or in a Host.
A ___________ eats foods made by a _______.
A Consumer eats foods made by a Producer.
Plants and animals exchange carbon dioxide and _______________.

A. food
B. oxygen
C. water
D. molds
B. Oxygen
All the following are consumers EXCEPT ____________.

A. algae
B. blatterworts
C. frogs
D. dragonflies
A. algae
Animals can help plants by ____________.

A. making food
B. finding water
C. spreading seeds
D. providing energy
C. spreading seeds
Bacteria are helpful because they _____.

A. use oxygen
B. spoil food
C. are parasites
D. recycle materials
D. recycle materials
A parasite depends on a ___________.

A. scavenger
B. producer
C. host
D. decomposer
C. host
How is a cat a part of the carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle?
The cat gives off carbon dioxide and takes in oxygen.
What would happen to an ecosystem if it did not get any sunlight?
The producers (plants) would die, and then the consumers (animals) that eat the plants would either die, or have to move to another habitat.