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Why were the large oases of the Arabian peninsula important?
Their water and farms made them important to traders
Where was the Ka'aba located?
in the city of Mecca
What three types of people occupied the Arabian peninsula?
farmers, nomads, townspeople
In what way did Muhammad believe that God spoke to him?
through the Angel Gabriel
What is Islam's main teaching?
There is only one God
What is the name of the five duties that all Muslims must perform?
the Five Pillars of Islam
Belief in one God, Allah
Complete 5x a day, facing Mecca
Give to the poor and needy
Month of Ramadan; sunrise to sundown
Go to holy city of Mecca once during lifetime
Whom did the Muslims call the "people of the book"?
the Christians and the Jews
How was the first caliph chosen?
elected by the people
Why did the first caliphs begin a military conquest of other regions?
they wanted to spread the religion of Islam
Why did the Muslim community split?
some Muslims refused to accept Umayyad rule
To get from Aden to Barygaza, traders ahd to cross what body of water?
Arabian Sea
Traders leaving Aden had to cross what bodies of water?
Red Sea, Arabian SEa
The city of Mecca is located closest to what body of water?
Red Sea
What trade goods are found on the Arabian peninsula?
incense, perfumes, copper
Revelations from God
Muhammad's words and deeds
Muslim house of worship
How did Muslims treat those in areas they conquered?
tolerant of other beliefs
Party of Ali; believe all Muslim leaders should eb descendants of Muhammad
Follow the Sunnah; accepted the Umayyads as rulers
Moved families from place to place searchgin for water and grazing land for herds