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What is digital image processing?
Processing that involves multidiscipline physics, mathematics, engineering and computer science.
What are analog images?
Analog images are contiuous because they represent a continuous distribution of light / electric intensity.
What are digital images?
Digital images are numeric representations of objects.
If both the input and output images are discrete, what is that referred to as?
Digital processing
What are the 3 steps of digitization? And what is involved with each step?
1. Scanning - division of picture into small regions (grid)
2. Sampling - measures the brightness of each pixel
3. quantization - asigning an integer or grey level
What are the 2 most inportant characteristics of ADC?
1. speed - the time taken to digitize the analog signal. Inversely realted to accuracy
2. accuracy - the more samples taken the more accurate the representation of the digitial image will be.
What is the major goal of digitizing images?
The images can be processed by a computer, resulting in numerous advantages: Image enhancement, restoration, analysis, detection.
What are the 3 types of image processing techniques?
1. point operations - pixel by pixel scanning for contrast enhancement. The most frequently used, "grey level mapping"
2. local operations - localized pixel scanning of multiple pixels. Ex. spatial frequency filtering`
3. global operations -entire input pixels used for edge enhancement, image sharpening, image restoration
What are Geometric Operations?
Geometric operations are intended to modify spatial position or orientation of the pixels. Used for scaling and sizing of the image, image rotation and translation
What hardware is used for image processing?
Digitizer, Image memory, DAC, Internal image processor.