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Total Contact Ownership
The support professional who takes the initial customer request will continue to work on the customer's request and follow-up until the issue is resolved
Chapter 3-5
High Impact Training
HIT takes a commom sense approach and aims to find solutions for the top 10 contacts issues faced by the support center
Chapter 3-6
The top 10 customer issues will account for about ____ of the contact volume
80 percent
spending just 30 minutes with a peer who has a better grasp of a skill can prove invaluable when learning about a focused area
documentation should exist for the top 10 issues and be no longer than 2 pages
Learning Lunches
learning lunches are informal training sessions, held once a week in small groups
Conference Calls
A conference call is STI knowledge base best practices for escalating problems and issues
Chapter 3-8
Customer Greetings
Using a standard customer greeting allows for consistency in how the support team greets customers.
Scripting the customer
When the support team begins each contact with the same request for information builds a comfort level for the CST and the CST knows what to expect.
Before placing a CST on hold follow these tips:
Ask the Customer, Tell the CST why and provide a timeframe, wait for a response and thank the CST for holding
Chapter 3-11
First Contact Resolution
is achieve when the individual who takes the initial report is the same person who resolves the issue.
First Level Resolution
is resolving the CST issue or problem while working with the initial support professional
First Contact Resolution rates are benchmarked at ___ as an industry average and _____ for a best-in class support center
50 percent and 85 percent
Form of Escalations are:
Conference call, transfer and dispatch