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What is the name for overemphasis on winning or overly competitive programs for youth sports?
Little League Syndrome
A list of 10 statements that provides guidance in terms of the type of sport experience that should be provided on behalf of young athletes.
Bill of Rights for Youth Sports
Sports at the junior or senior high school levels are referred to as _____?
Interscholastic Sports
What is the name of the system in which the varsity coach supervises all levels of a certain sport.
Farm Systems
A system in which each coach is in charge of their team only?
Independent System
What is the most influential entity of the collegiate sports scene?
National Collegiate Athletic Association
The first step to becoming a coach is to get into the ______ _______ of coaching at the professional level.
Inner Sanctum
The term used to describe the head coach that guides the assistant coaches prior to them becoming head coaches.
Receiving recognition for certain honors.
Knowing a certain person or information within a system.
A school must offer the same amount of sports for women as they do for men is in effect because of _______?
Title IX
Receiving a continued contract is also called _____?
a coach from outside the school itself?
part-time coach.
coaches that volunteer their services.
walk on coach
Fist aid for a victim that has no pulse
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation