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_________ systems an transmit in only one direction.
________ is the distance that the signal travels during a single period or cycle.
________ are used to boost tranmissions of digital signals.
Width of the spectrum
The amount of space left over on a channel is called a _______ it is used to make sure stations do not overlap.
Radio or broadcast television is this type of system.
________ are used to boost tranmissions of analog signals.
The relative position in time of a single cycle of the wave is
Walkie-talkies are an example of this system.
________ waves are idela for representing the 1s and 0s of digital data.
Name the 5 types of multiplexing.
1) Frequency Division
2) Time Division
3) Synchronous Time Division
4) Statistical Time Division
5)Wavelength Division
a modulator-demodulator is known as a __________
What is the height of a wavelength called.
Systems that can transmit both directions but only one at a time are called ________ sytems.
____________ represents binary values as diffrent aplitudes
Amplitude-shift keying (ASK)
by adding more _______ the closer to a square wave we will get.
_________ is the number of bits per second (bps) that a signal can carry.
The rate of which wves repeat is called:
NRZ as in NRZ-L stands for
Nonreturn to zero
If a wave has a high frequency then it has shorter _________.
In a digital sytem how are 1s and 0s created?
A positive voltage level is used for a 1 and a negitive level for a 0.
Why is a repeater better that an amplifier?
With an amplifier the signal just gets boosted even with errors that might be in the sinal. A repeater regenerates the bits before resending it making the signal exactly like it was when origanlly transmitted.
Diffrence between highest and lowest frequencies in the spectrum is called:
Frequency is measured in
hertz or cycles per second.
If the transmission system is able to use diffrent parts of the fequancy spectum to send diffrent signals it is called _________ transmission.
The human voice is a example of what kind of signal
The three parameters used to characterize a wave are:
amplitude, frequency, and phase.
premises wiring
including telephone wiring on an organization;s premeises, is established by the TIA/EIA
Range of frequencies to creat a signal is called
the change the frequency of a signal is called
frequency modulation
Cable modems are examples of ___________ systems.
full duplex
This indicates a strength of the signal.
A Carrier signal is called a
AM stands for
Amplitude modulation
This type of multiplexing is used for cable television.
Frequency Division
__________ is used to combine muliple signals on a single communication circuit.
FM stands for
Frequency modulation
PM stands for
phase modulation
If the entire spectrum supported by a medium is used to transmit one signal the system is using ____________ transmission.
Systems that can transmit both directions are called __________ systems.
Name some advantages of Digital Transmissions over analog.
1)greater bandwidth
2)better encryption
3)lower error rates
more easily updated
__________ is the number of discrete signals that can occur in a unit of time.
Baud rate
_____________ represents binary values as diffrent fequencies.
Frequency-shift keying (FSK)
_____ is more noise resistent and efficient than ASK and FSK
Phase-shift keying (PSK)
Pulse-code modulation is?
a technique for converting voice analog into digital form for transmission.
In a _________ encoding a 0 is respresented by a voltage change from low to high while a 1 is represented by a voltage from high to low.
Is octet the same as a byte?