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what were some reasons for overseas interest/manifest destiny
1)the Yellow press of Pulitzer& hearst
2) pious missionaries looking to convert ppl
3)"social darwinism" the idea that the earth belonged to the "fittest"
4)Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan's book of 1890, the Influence of Sea Power Upon History
what reverend demonstrated the want to convert ppl
Reverend Josiah's Strong book "Our Country: Its possible Future and Present Crisis"
when did Britain denied the relevance of the Monroe Doctrine
They denied the relevance of the monroe doctrine when Cleveland, upset over a boundary dispute w/Venezuela based on the discovery of gold in Br. Guiana. Thus, secretary of state Richard Olney sent a note stating that intervention on their part was not allowed.
If Britain looked upon the Monroe Doctrine with disdain why did they change their mind and follow the commission advice on the right boundary?
The US threatened war if Britain didnt accept the boundary and they couldnt put Canada at risk while there were tensions with Kaiser Wilhelm II.
what tariff raised barriers to Hawaiian sugar and led many to believe that the solution was to annex Hawaii?
The McKinley tariff
what tariff caused Cuba to revolt against SP in 1895
The Wilson-Gorman tariff of 1894 which put high duties on sugar
what happened in Cuba?
They adopted a scorched earth policy hoping that the Spanish would leave. US had an investment of 20mill in Cuba and a yrly trade of 100 million. So Butch Weyler was sent to crush the rebellion by herding civilians into concentration camps
what led the spanish to revolt and what were the results?
Talk of the Cubans and self-government.
what did the Teller amendment say?
The teller amendment said that after overthrowing spanish rule the US would give the Cubans their freedom
Who was George Dewey
the secretary of war TR cabled him to go to the Phillippines in case of war. Thus, Dewey becomes a hero after defeating the SP. fleet in 1898
who was EMilio Aguinaldo
leader of the Filipino insurgents.
when was Hawaii annexed? and when did it obtain citizen ship?
It was annexed in 1898 and it was given citizenship in 1900
who was admiral cervera
the spanish captain ordered to Cuba despite of ill-prepared ships and was ordered to fight. 500 sp. die juxtaposed to 1 american
what do we gain from the Sp-American war in 1898
guam, Phillipines, Puerto Rico (we have to pay 20 million)
what was the anti-imperialist league
it fought expansionist moves
what does the foraker act of 1900 do?
it gave the puerto ricans a limited degree of popular government and in 1917 they were granted citizenship
what cased confirmed the right of the government to place tariffs on goods entering the US from US territories on the ground that the Constitution does not follow the flag. They set up US rules but wont have US privileges
the insular cases
what restricted the Cubans and bound them not to impair their independence. They agreed that US troops could intervene w/troops to restore order& provide mutual protection. The Cubans promised to sell/lease coal or naval stations
Platt amendment