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study of entire atmosphere including weather
amount of energy in a system
state of the atmosphere at a given time and place
dewpoint temperature
the cooler the temperature is to the actual air temperature the less dry the air feels

measured in degrees C or F
Relative Humidity
a % (percentage) between 0 and 100
dewpoint temperature
degrees F or C

the closer this temperature is to the actual air temperature the less dry the air feels
the amount of energy in a system
how far you can see
ranges between 0 and 10 miles
falling of any formn of water from air to earth
measured in inches

rain, snow, sleet, hail
relative humidity
extent to which air is saturated with water vapor
air pressure
measured in millibars (mb)
average- 1013 mb
low-950 mb
high- 1040 mb
wind chill
combination of air temperature and wind speed in order to show what temperature feels like
wind speed
calm to 200 mph
wind direction
direction wind is coming from
UV Index
Ranges from 0 to 10

10 means your skin may burn very fast due to ultraviolet radiation from sun
specific heat
amount of heat needed to raise temp of 1 gram of substance 1 degree